The Hope Collective

Hope is a vital part of wellbeing and positive mental health. There are times when we lose sight of hope. This is a natural part of our humanity. Scientists are increasingly understanding how hope works, why it matters and ways for us to increase it. Strengthen’s Hope Collective daily encouragement is a tool to help you make space for Hope to rise up in your heart and mind. Itdevelops key activities and attitudes that increase optimism in our thinking and on an emotional level. Remember, hope is also something that increases when we are in good company. If you are struggling with despair, reach out to positive and encouraging people in your life as well as local health professionals and helplines. There is no shame in needing one another. We were created to care and be cared for. Hope develops when we still the worry and despair, beginning to allow the glimmer of new possibilities to rise up in us again. As you work through the activities, remember to be good to yourself.

Remember to give hope time.