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God’s love for you is never on pause. It is complete and powerful.

 You were created for intimacy with him and he has a uniquely designed purpose

for you to step into in your life.

God longs for you to know him more deeply and to release his power into your life.


Welcome to Strengthen!

My mission is to provide spaces and resources that coach, encourage and strengthen women. 

 If you desire any or all of these things, scroll down to discover more:

To release restoration and healing into your life 

To grow your relationship with God and others

To live a life rich in your unique, God-given purpose, calling and talents.



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Insider membership of Strengthen is a great way to grow and work on your wellbeing in between coaching or mentoring sessions with me but you don’t need to be a 1:1 client to join the community.

Insiders can book 1:1 coaching and mentoring for just £50/hour. 

 Andrea x 



I’m honoured that you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event.

I appreciate that offering a platform to speak or minister is an act of trust. That’s why I offer a no-obligation Zoom call so that we can meet and you can tell me about what you have on your heart for your event.

As well as being a coach, mentor and teacher, I’m an experienced pastor, worship leader and speaker with a big heart to encourage women in their walk with God. I’ve spoken at church events in the UK and internationally and will speak from firm biblical foundations with clarity, empathy and passion.

I’m equally happy to speak at small or larger events in the UK and Europe. 

Whether you have a theme in mind or you’d like me to suggest one, every message includes an invitation for those attending to draw closer to God.

So If you’re looking for someone to speak at your women’s event or conference, scroll down to book a Discovery Call and let’s talk. 


 1:1 Coaching or Mentoring with Andrea is online. You’ll experience a relaxed, professional and calm space to work through specific issues you’re struggling with. We focus on identifying the issue, labelling and understanding the emotions or questions you have and creating personalised strategies for you to move forward and see transformation in the area you are struggling in. And if you don’t want to set yourself actions but just want a professional space to talk things through in, then that’s absolutely fine too. 


An experienced teacher, pastor and speaker, I am also trained at post-graduate level in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and as an emotion coaching practitioner trainer. That means that I not only bring my years of experience in Christian ministry in different settings and nations, I also work professionally and am trained to used different evidence-based (science backed) approaches alongside my spiritual and biblical experience and understanding.  


Click the Book Now link and let’s get you booked in for your first 1:1 session! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and coaching you to a greater place of freedom and confidence. 

1:1 sessions are currently £75/hour. Strengthen Insider community members can book 1:1 coaching/mentoring for £50/hour

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Get ready for your 1:1 coaching session:

You’re investing in yourself when you book professional coaching sessions, so it’s important to make the most of the time you’re paying for. Here are my top tips for doing just that:

1) Think about what you want to work on or talk through before your session.

2) Take a few minutes to write down some bullet points or record yourself a voice note about what you’re struggling with in that area.

3) Think about what result you would like from the session. For example, do you want some actions to take, some strategies to think about or to simply unburden your emotions and talk about how you are feeling? If you’re not sure what you want yet, don’t worry! We’ll talk about that together.

4) Have something to write or even draw with ready for your session. Many people like to use a dedicated journal for their coaching. This gives you space to check back to any notes or actions you’ve written down and to journal or make notes between sessions to help you.

5) Double check your appointment time and where you’ve stored the Zoom link. Then simply log-on 5 minutes before so that you are in the waiting room on time to make the most of your session.

6) Remember that I’m really looking forward to coaching and supporting you! You’re in safe hands.

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