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Why choose Andrea Urquhart as your coach or speaker?

I’m honoured that you’re considering joining a Strengthen Live! group, working with me as your coach or mentor, or inviting me to speak at your event. I understand that trust is important for all of these and that you’ll be curious about me, so here’s a bit more information:

If you’re looking for a professional coach, teacher or speaker who is also passionate about walking with Jesus and experienced in Christian ministry, let’s connect!

I’ve been mentoring, teaching, training and coaching  adults and children of all ages, from all walks of life in different nations for over 30 years. My experience spans Christian ministry as well as secular education and professional contexts. A  member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (UK), I  have post-graduate qualifications in teaching, coaching and positive psychology.

An experienced pastor, worship leader and speaker at church events, I have lived and ministered in the UK, South Africa and Europe.

I’m happy to speak at Christian events of all sizes. You’ll find that I’m  a passionate and empathetic speaker with a particular heart for encouraging women, calling them to a deeper intimacy with God and releasing breakthrough and restoration as we experience his power and presence in our lives.

I’m really excited about my upcoming book  “Beyond Here?” God’s Restoration When Your World is Shaken” in which I share teaching and some of my story alongside encouragement to engage with God as you walk through and try to make sense of those wilderness and painful seasons that we all experience in life. The book will be released in 2024.

Clients looking to include their relationship with God in their coaching conversations will find empathy, insight and understanding. I’m also well equipped to provide a confidential ear for Christian leaders working through emotional issues, boundary setting or burnout. 

Click the link below to book a complimentary 15minute Discovery call to discuss 1:1 coaching or mentoring, joining a Strengthen Live! group  or inviting me to speak at your  event. To receive regular, encouraging content and access devotional audio and more, subscribe to the Strengthen community on Substack via the button below.

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Andrea x