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A 12 Session Tailored Coaching Programme to Revitalise High Potential Leaders Returning to the Workplace After Burnout

This programme is designed to help you retain and support talented high potential leaders

When your high potential leaders are taking the strain and you don’t want to lose them, it’s time to invest in their wellbeing, resilience and leadership strengths.

This uniquely tailored programme provides your employees with a blend of emotional resilience, mental fitness, back to work strategies, and skills and techniques to leverage their leadership strengths as they re-integrate back into the workplace.

Twelve 1:1 confidential coaching conversations aim to reignite resilience and restore leadership passion and ambition in your valued, high potential employees.

Our aim is to support your high potential leaders to revive joy and fulfilment in their work-life. This in turn improves work productivity, with a positive ripple effect across the teams and departments they manage.

If you have leaders struggling with physical or mental fatigue or collapse due to work-related stress, we’re ready to partner with you to support them as they return to work ready to fulfil their potential.

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Beta Test Clients benefit from a reduced price of £2,750.

A quote by the 2021 DDI Global leaders Forecast stating that 86% of high potential employees feel burnt out. they are twice as likely as their peers to leave their organisation. This quote is displayed on Strengthen's landing page for a 1:1 coaching programme for high potential leaders recovering from burnout
Statistics sourced from the ROI of Coaching by Better Up supporting burnout recovery coaching.

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Meet Your Coaches

This programme is delivered by two leadership coaches with specific specialisms.

Each person on the programme will have 2 sessions with each coach every month – totalling 12 sessions over 3 months.

Our programme helps people reintegrate, reconnect and flourish as they return to the workplace after burnout or time out from their role due to stress-related issues.

We support them to work through the internal wellbeing and emotional dynamics of returning to work. This focuses on inner readiness and creating a healthy and effective work-life balance. We also empower them, through a strengths-focused lens, to work through the relational and performance dynamics of transitioning back to work successfully.  

Along the way, we offer success tips for their workplace sponsors in supporting high potential employees to reintegrate successfully back into their role. After the 12 session programme, we also offer ongoing coaching packages to continue to support leaders to thrive in the workplace and help prevent recurring burnout episodes.

Andrea Urquhart

Andrea Urquhart

Emotion & Positive Psychology Coach | Leadership & Business Mentor

An experienced teacher and trainer, Andrea has a Post-graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology & Applied Positive Psychology and is an Emotion Coaching Practitioner Trainer. She is also a full member of the Association of Business Mentors. She has learnt that every individual’s story and needs are unique.

With lived experience of burnout and surviving cancer, Andrea believes in the power of individually tailored coaching and has co-designed this programme to combine emotional wellbeing and leadership strengths coaching to embolden leaders to nurture and defend a healthy and productive work/life balance as they return to flourish in the workplace.

Karen Felton

Karen Felton

Strengths Coach | Leadership Coach | Career Development Mentor

Karen’s HR experience includes designing and implementing wellbeing strategy including mental health training for leaders, creating work-place coaching & mentoring programmes, and implementing talent development programmes for high potential leaders.

A Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, Karen has a Post-grad Diploma in Management and is accredited by Cappfinity as a Strengths Profile coach.

Karen has seen that when leaders understand and use their strengths they thrive in their career. She specialises in enabling leaders to understand how their strengths and values enable them to lead and contribute in a unique and authentic way, creating a positive ripple effect for their teams.

Karen left her corporate career following her own experience of burnout and after reconnecting with her own strengths and values, she is now a strengths-focused, leadership career development coach.


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