Meet Jane Jennison – Strengthen’s Lead Coach for Adoption and Fostering! Jane is an experienced parent of adopted children and has a Masters in Positive Psychology. As a coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to support parents of care-experienced children.

The Adoption Hub is launching in 2021 as a paid subscription hub with a course and community all in one.


The Adoption Hub Course Modules Includes:

Attachment, trauma and resilience: Why your child’s brain is not near-typical, and how to work WITH your child with therapeutic parenting.

PACE: An introduction to the PACE framework, what it is, when and how to use it. 

Beyond punishment and the naughty step. 

Bamboo Scaffolding: How to support your child. 

Self-regulation hacks:  How to regain calm and control.

Families 1: What your family needs to know about adoption and fostering.

Families 2:  Contact with your child’s birth family; what issues you can consider.

Find your tribe: Connecting with people who “look” like you.

PERMA:  How to practise self care; science-based tools and techniques



As parents and carers of care-experienced children, we face unique challenges and triumphs. This course (done at your own pace, in your own space) will cover key concerns and how we can address them therapeutically.

Come and join me – I’ve designed this course and community with you in mind!

Jane 🙂

The Adoption Hub is based within the STRENGTHEN community/app

Strengthen is a private coaching community housed on a private social media based platform and app. Our mission is to support individuals who want to improve their lives to thrive.

Our community is facilitated by a team of positive psychology and wellbeing professionals. We offer events, encouragement, training and programmes via specific hubs such as The Adoption Hub.

When you join The Adoption Hub, you also automatically get access to the main STRENGTHEN community and events.